Air Actuators and Accessories

Learn about Air Actuators and Accessories

Pneumatic Actuator
Valworx rack and pinion style air actuators provide a simple and reliable method for automating quarter turn valves. Actuators are available in spring return or double acting. Spring return actuators use air pressure to open and springs to close the valve (failsafe). The double acting air actuator uses air to open and air to close.

Pneumatic Valve Positioners
Pneumatic actuators can be fitted with an optional valve positioner. There are two types of positioners. One is controlled by a 4-20mA electrical signal and the other by a 3-15 PSI pilot air signal. When the actuator is attached to a valve, flow can be adjusted anywhere between 0-100%.

Direct Mount Solenoid Valves
Direct mount solenoid valves can be used as 5/2 or 3/2 functions for electrically controlling double acting or spring return air actuated valves. The solenoid valve mounts directly to the side of the actuator with the international standard Namur interface. Direct mounted solenoid valves save the cost of fittings, tubing, brackets and labor to install.

Valve Limit Switch
The optional valve limit switch box mounts to the top of an air actuator and confirms the valve is either open or closed. This valve monitor also has a large visual valve position indicator.