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Stainless Flanged Ball Valves

Learn About Stainless Steel Flanged Ball Valves

Electric Actuated Stainless Flanged Ball Valves

Valworx electric actuators use a motor and gear box to rotate an output drive, which in turn drives the flanged ball valve open and closed. A significant advantage of using an electric ball valve is the slower closing speed which reduces or eliminates damaging water hammer in the piping system. Available with On/Off shutoff or valve positioner control.

Air Actuated Stainless Flanged Ball Valves

Pneumatic actuators operate via a compressed air signal to create rotary motion, which opens and closes flanged ball valves. Standard Scotch Yoke or Rack & Pinion actuators are available as either double acting or spring return. Double acting actuators require air to open and air to close the valve. Spring return actuators require air to open and utilize springs to close the valve.

ANSI 150# Stainless Flanged Ball Valves

ANSI Class 150lb flanged ball valves easily mount between two standard ANSI ASME pipe flanges, eliminating pipe threads and offering the advantage of easier maintenance. Rotating the ball 90° opens or closes the flow passage. The ball valve includes a locking hand lever but can also be automated with the industry standard ISO5211 direct mount pad.