5610E BSR-NC Failsafe Battery Kit - Installed

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The 561104E BSR-Spring Return Fail Closed kit is available as a factory pre-installed option for Valworx 5610 & 5615 series electric actuators. The BSR kit will work with both on-off models and actuators with DPS positioners. The battery failsafe system provides an alternative source of power to drive the actuator to the Normally Closed position in the event of an external power failure. The industrial quality battery is constantly trickle charged during normal operation to assure maximum charge when required. The battery kit is installed under the actuator cover. No separate modules or boxes are required.

The installed BSR kit will provide enough power to move the actuator/valve to a failsafe position with loss of external power. The actuator operates in the normal power open and power close mode while external power is available. Internal circuitry monitors the incoming main power and automatically switches within a few seconds to the battery backup with loss of external power. The battery will then provide enough power to move the actuator to a failsafe position.

In the normal mode of operation, an LED status light located on top of the actuator cover will be continuously lit. With a loss of power, the LED status light will blink slowly. When external power is restored, conditional that the actuator control signal remained unchanged, the actuator will reset to the position it saw at the time of the main power failure.

In many applications, the BSR battery spring return function tends to be a very economical option when compared to the alternate true mechanical spring return actuator. Valworx actuators with the BSR option are much smaller, lighter and less expensive.

The BSR option returns the valve to a fail-safe position in the event of a loss of electrical power. It is not intended and should not be used for normal operation.