5610E DPS-Digital Positioner System Kit 0-10v - Installed

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Series: 5611
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The 561102E DPS-Digital Positioner System is available as a factory pre-installed option for Valworx 5610 & 5615 series electric actuators. Installing the DPS kit will change a standard On-Off type actuator to modulating or proportional control. The DPS system provides an accurate valve positioning function whereby the movement of the actuator is controlled by a 0-10 vdc input signal. Any change in the control input signal results in a corresponding and proportional change in the position of the actuator output (valve). An internal microprocessor on the DPS circuit board continuously monitors digitally the analog input and output signals and compares them to the physical position via an output feedback system, moving the actuator as required to balance the signals and find the desired position.

The actuator output can be positioned anywhere between 0 and 90 degrees. When used with an electric actuated ball valve or butterfly valve, the ball or disc can be positioned anywhere between closed and the fully open position or 0-100% flow (non-linear). Accuracy of the actuator with digital positioner is 2-3% full scale. The overall accuracy of a valve assembly will vary depending on the type of valve selected and how the valve is mounted to the actuator.

The positioner has auto-calibration for zero and span settings. An output monitoring signal, in the same format as the input, is also provided to confirm the output drive position. The standard DPS actuator will fail closed with loss of the control signal. The actuator can also be setup reverse acting (0V = open) and fail open with loss of the control signal.

When ordered with a Normally Open (NO) battery safe return kit, the DPS signal will also be set as Normally Open (ie 10V closed, 0V open). The actuator will fail in place with loss of external power unless equipped with a battery safe return kit.

Standard Features:
  • Digital microprocessor control board
  • Auto-calibration
  • Output monitoring signal
  • Digital design virtually eliminates hunting
  • Economically priced
  • TypeDigital positioner for 5610E & 5615 series electric actuators
    Rotation0-90 degrees
    Input Signal0-10 vdc
    Output Monitoring Signal0-10 vdc
    CalibrationAuto-calibration zero and span
    Accuracy3% full scale
    Linearity2% full scale
    Hysteresis3% full scale
    Steps 4/20mA Min. 150 per 90 degrees
    Steps 0- 10V Min. 98 per 90 degrees
    Fail ConditionStandard positioner fails closed with loss of control signal. Field selectable reverse-acting mode (0V=open) fails open with loss of control signal. Actuator fails in place with loss of external power.
    Impedance13K Ohms