1" Electric 3-Way Stainless T-Diverter Valve, 24-240V

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Valworx 563208J electric actuated 3-way T-port stainless steel ball valve is used to control the flow of water, air, oil, and other media compatible with the materials of construction. These FULL PORT valves are typically used as a diverter valve. Actuator uses power-to-open (position 2) and power-to-close (position 1), stays in last known position with loss of power. On receipt of a continuous voltage signal, the motor runs and via a self-locking gear drive rotates the ball one quarter turn. The motor is automatically stopped by internal cams striking limit switches. On receipt of a reversing continuous signal, the motor turns in the opposite direction reversing the valve position.

The ball valve is direct mounted to the actuator using the international standard ISO5211 mounting pad. Anti-condensation heater will help protect actuator against damage caused by condensation. Two limit switches are provided to confirm valve position. Manual override can be used to operate valve during setup or with loss of electrical power.

High temperature valve mounting kit available for extended temperature range or wall mounting applications.

Advantages of electric actuated ball valves over other type valves may include: higher flow rates, higher pressures, higher temperatures, wider media compatibility, full port flow path, and reduced water hammer.

Ball Valve Standard Features
  • 1000 PSI working pressure (see P/T chart)
  • Full port design
  • 316 stainless steel body, ball and stem
  • Four ball seat design allows for full pressure at any port
  • RTFE ball seats for extended cycle life
  • Triple PTFE/Viton stem seal design, live loaded and adjustable
  • Valve direct mounts to actuator per ISO5211

  • Electric Actuator Standard Features
  • Multi-voltage with auto-voltage sensing
  • Electronic over torque protection
  • Anti-condensation heater
  • External LED diagnostic light
  • Manual override
  • Highly visual valve position indicator
  • Electrical connections via DIN plug connectors (included)
  • Auxiliary limit switches used to confirm valve positions
  • Corrosion resistant polyamide IP67 weatherproof enclosure

  • Options (see Accessories tab)
    TypeElectric Actuated 3 Way Diverter Valve- Multivoltage
    Voltage24 to 240 Volts AC or 24 to 135 Volts DC (1ph, 50/60 Hz) auto voltage sensing
    Current Rating0.3A @ 110VAC, 0.16A @ 240VAC, 1.28A @ 24VAC
    0.97A @ 24VDC (full load amps)
    Cycle Time9 seconds per 90° rotation (+/-10% no load)
    Pipe Size1" NPT female
    Port SizeFull Port, orifice 1.00 inches, Cv 32
    Pressure (Max)1000 PSI CWP non-shock (see P/T chart),
    25 PSI steam with high temp. kit, vacuum service to 29" Hg
    Valve Temperature Range-4 to 356 °F (-20 to 180 °C)
    Actuator Temperature Range-4 to +158 °F (-20 to +70 °C)
    Valve Body316 stainless steel
    Ball and Stem316 stainless steel
    Ball SeatsRTFE (reinforced Teflon)
    Stem Seals PTFE (Teflon)/ Viton
    Duty Cycle75%
    EnclosureAnti-corrosive polyamide, SS fasteners
    Enclosure RatingIP67 weatherproof, UV protection
    Electrical ConnectionsDIN plugs with cable entry (included), optional 1/2" conduit plugs
    Valve Position Confirmation2 x SPST auxiliary limit switches rated 3A@125/250VAC,
    30VDC resistive load
    Manual OverrideHand knob
    Motor ProtectionElectronic over-torque with LED status light
    Anti-Condensation Heater4 watts thermostatically controlled
    Max Fluid Velocity10 feet per second
    • Digital Positioner System
      5610E DPS-Digital Positioner System Kit 4-20mA - Installed
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    • 5610E DPS-Digital Positioner System Kit 0-10v - Installed
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    • Failsafe Battery Kit
      5610E BSR-NC Failsafe Battery Kit - Installed
      Price: $408.80
      Buy 3 or more for $367.92 each
    • 5610E BSR-NO Failsafe Battery Kit - Installed
      Price: $408.80
      Buy 3 or more for $367.92 each
    • Connectors & Cables
      ISO DIN Connector 1/2
      Price: $6.40
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    • Sub-Micro DIN Connector 1/2
      Price: $14.64
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    • ISO DIN Plug Connector with 16 ft Cable
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    • Sub-Micro DIN Plug Connector with 16 foot Cable
      Price: $20.83
      Buy 10 or more for $18.75 each
    • High Temperature Mounting Kit
      High Temp/Wall Mounting Kit F03/05-11x11mm
      Price: $83.20
      Buy 6 or more for $74.88 each

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