6" Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve, Lug, EPDM, 24-240V

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Valworx 562707C electric actuated soft seated butterfly valve for on-off control of water and other media compatible with the materials of construction. Lug style valve sandwich mounts between standard ANSI / ASME Class 125 / 150 flanges. Standard unit is power-to-open and power to close, stays in last known position with loss of power. On receipt of a continuous voltage signal, the motor runs and via a flat gear system rotates the disc. The motor is automatically stopped by internal cams striking micro switches at both open and closed positions. On receipt of a reversing continuous signal, the motor turns in the opposite direction reversing the valve position.

Butterfly Valve Standard Features
  • Rugged epoxy coated ductile iron body with stainless steel disc for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Unique wave line seat and special disc shape reduces the torque required to turn the valve and extends the seal life
  • Lower torque also reduces the size of the actuator, lowering the cost of the valve assembly
  • Two piece shaft design enhances the flow capacity of the valve
  • Valves direct mount to actuator with standard ISO5211 international standards

  • Electric Actuator Standard Features
  • Multi-voltage capable with auto-voltage sensing
  • Electronic torque limiter - protects against valve jams without causing damage to the actuator
  • Standard anti-condensation heater
  • Manual override with visual valve position indicator
  • All electrical connections via external DIN plugs (included) - no need to remove cover for wiring or service
  • Two auxiliary dry contact limit switches for confirming open/closed valve position
  • Rugged IP67 weatherproof enclosure, CE marked

  • Options (see Accessories tab)
    TypeElectric Actuated Lugged Butterfly Valve- Multivoltage
    Voltage24 to 240 Volts AC or DC
    Power Consumption0.8A @ 115V, 0.5A @ 240V, 3.3A @ 24VAC
    2.7A @ 24VDC (full load amps)
    Cycle Time58 seconds per 90° rotation
    Pipe Size6 inch ANSI / ASME Class 125 / 150
    Flow FactorCv 2243 (Cv = number of GPM of 60 °F water at 1 psi pressure drop)
    Pressure Rating29 inHg vacuum to 230 PSI
    Valve Temperature Range0 to 248 °F (-18 to +120 °C)
    Actuator Temperature Range-4 to 158 °F (-20 to +70 °C)
    Valve BodyDuctile iron, epoxy coated (seat facing acts as flange gasket)
    Disc316 stainless steel
    Disc Seat/Liner EPDM
    Shaft SealsEPDM V-ring
    Duty Cycle75% duty cycle
    EnclosureAnti-corrosive polyamide, SS fasteners
    Enclosure ProtectionIP67 weatherproof, UV protection
    Electrical ConnectionsDIN plug with round cable entry (optional 1/2" conduit plugs, prewired plugs with cables)
    Valve Position Confirmation 2 x SPST limit switches 3A @ 125/250VAC, 30VDC resistive load
    Over-load ProtectionElectronic over-torque
    Anti-condensation Heater4 watts
    • Digital Positioner System
      5616C DPS-Digital Positioner System Kit 4-20mA - Installed
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    • 5616C DPS-Digital Positioner System Kit 0-10v - Installed
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    • Failsafe Battery Kit
      5616C BSR-NC Failsafe Battery Kit - Installed
      Price: $633.60
      Buy 3 or more for $570.24 each
    • 5616C BSR-NO Failsafe Battery Kit - Installed
      Price: $633.60
      Buy 3 or more for $570.24 each
    • Connectors & Cables
      ISO DIN Connector 1/2
      Price: $6.40
      Buy 10 or more for $5.76 each
    • ISO DIN Plug Connector with 16 ft Cable
      Price: $28.07
      Buy 10 or more for $25.26 each

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