Valworx Multi-Voltage Electric Actuated 3-Way T-Port Stainless Steel Ball Valve Video

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Electric Actuated Stainless 3-Way Ball Valves - Multi-Voltage
Electric Actuated Stainless 3-Way T-Port Ball Valves - Multi-Voltage

Valworx multi-voltage electric actuated 3-way stainless steel ball valves are typically used as a diverter valve to control water, air, oil and other media compatible with the materials of construction. Feature-packed actuator includes highly visible LED, dome position indicator, manual override, and rugged Type IP67 weatherpoof enclosure. Stainless steel ball valve rated to 1000psi CWP. Advantages of electric actuated ball valves over other type valves may include: higher flows, higher pressures, higher temperatures and wider media compatibility. Built. Tested. Shipped. Same Day.