Valworx Electric Actuated 3-Way T-Port PVC Ball Valve Video

Valworx electric actuated 3-way T-port PVC ball valves are used as a diverter, selector as well as mixing valve to control water and other media compatible with the materials of construction. NSF 61 approved for potable drinking water.

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Electric Actuaed PVC 3-Way Ball Valves
Electric Actuated PVC 3-Way Ball Valves T-Port
Valworx electric actuated 3-way T-port PVC ball valves are ideal for applications where NSF 61 certified construction is required for potable drinking water as well as other industrial applications. Actuator uses power-to-open (position 2) and power-to-close (position 1), stays in the last known position with loss of power. On receipt of a continuous voltage signal, the motor runs and via an all metal gear drive rotates the ball valve. The motor is automatically stopped by internal cams striking limit switches. On receipt of a reversing continuous signal, the motor turns in the opposite direction reversing the valve position. Built. Tested. Shipped. Same Day.