Valworx Electric Actuated High Performance Butterfly Valve On/Off Video

High performance butterfly valves are used for control of media compatible with the materials of construction. Valves are rugged, 316 stainless steel construction and the seals are RPTFE (reinforced teflon). Valworx. Built. Tested. Shipped. Same Day.

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High Performance Butterfly Valves- On/Off
High Performance Butterfly Valves

Valworx high performance butterfly valves use a double offset design to reduce seal wear and improve performance. Combined with corrosion-resistant materials like 316 stainless and RPTFE seals, high performance butterfly valves can withstand significantly higher pressure and temperatures than concentric, resilient-seated valves. The wafer butterfly valve easily mounts between two ANSI/ASME 150 lb. pipe flanges with through bolts and nuts. Built. Tested. Shipped. Same Day.