5320/5321 Series Pneumatic Actuators - Scotch Yoke

5320/5321 Series Pneumatic Actuators - Scotch Yoke


Valworx 5320/5321 series quarter turn Scotch Yoke air actuators are ideal for actuating butterfly valves or other applications requiring high torque at the beginning or end of stroke. Our 5320 series are double acting pneumatic actuators use air to open and air to close while 5321 series actuators are spring return with air to open and springs to close.

Explosion-proof rated to ATEX EX h IIC TX Gb/ EX h IIIC TX Db.

Deciding between Scotch Yoke and Rack & Pinion actuators? To learn more about both designs click here.

Stock # Title Series Torque at 72 PSI
(inch lbs)
Description Price Each Usually Ships
Spring Return - Air to Open, Spring to Close
532150 Spring Return Air Actuator SR50- Scotch Yoke 5321 142Spring Return Air Actuator SR50
Same Day
532165 Spring Return Air Actuator SR65- Scotch Yoke 5321 389Spring Return Air Actuator SR65
Same Day
532180 Spring Return Air Actuator SR80- Scotch Yoke 5321 673Spring Return Air Actuator SR80
Same Day
532190 Spring Return Air Actuator SR100- Scotch Yoke 5321 1009Spring Return Air Actuator SR100
Same Day
532196 Spring Return Air Actuator SR125- Scotch Yoke 5321 3053Spring Return Air Actuator SR125
2- 3 Weeks
532197 Spring Return Air Actuator SR140- Scotch Yoke 5321 4460Spring Return Air Actuator SR140
Same Day
Double Acting- Air to Open, Air to Close
532050 Double Acting Air Actuator DA50- Scotch Yoke 5320 354Double Acting Air Actuator DA50
2- 3 Weeks
532065 Double Acting Air Actuator DA65- Scotch Yoke 5320 752Double Acting Air Actuator DA65
Same Day
532080 Double Acting Air Actuator DA80- Scotch Yoke 5320 1469Double Acting Air Actuator DA80
Same Day
532090 Double Acting Air Actuator DA100- Scotch Yoke 5320 2690Double Acting Air Actuator DA100
2- 3 Weeks
532096 Double Acting Air Actuator DA125- Scotch Yoke 5320 5593Double Acting Air Actuator DA125
2- 3 Weeks
532097 Double Acting Air Actuator DA140- Scotch Yoke 5320 8576Double Acting Air Actuator DA140
Same Day