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Butterfly Valves - Wafer Style

Learn About Wafer Style Butterfly Valves

Wafer style butterfly valves are used for liquid flow control and stoppage. This type of valve is based on a flat disc, which can be turned in line with or perpendicular to the flow of liquid. When aligned with the flow, liquid passes around the disc and through the valve. When rotated to be perpendicular, liquid is no longer able to flow through the valve.

In this butterfly valve, wafer style refers to the mounting format. As opposed to the lug style, the wafer style butterfly valves features four mounting holes that will align with the pipe. The wafer style valve is designed to be clamped between two flanges for midstream flow and stop control.

Valworx valves can be controlled by electric actuators or air actuators, with pneumatic butterfly valves available in spring return or double acting construction. When controlled by actuator, butterfly valves offer maximum reliability, accuracy and quality performance.

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Wafer Butterfly Valves

Wafer butterfly valves are used to control the flow of water and other compatible media. The wafer butterfly valve easily mounts between two ANSI/ASME 150 lb. pipe flanges with through bolts and nuts.

Electric Actuated Butterfly Valves

Valworx electric actuators rotate an output drive to open and close butterfly valves. Electric actuators provide a reliable and economical method of operating these valves from a remote location. For modulating valve applications, an electric actuator with EPS positioning can control the valve flow with a 4-20mA command signal.

Air Actuated Butterfly Valves

Rack & Pinion and Scotch Yoke quarter turn air actuators provide a simple and reliable method of automating butterfly valves. Pneumatic actuators are available in spring return or double acting. Spring return actuators use air pressure to open and springs to close the valve (failsafe). A double acting air actuator uses air to open and air to close.

Manual Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are used to control flow in a pipe line. Rotating a disc within the valve body 90° opens or closes the flow passage. The butterfly valve can be operated with the 10-position locking hand lever. Butterfly valves are mounted between two pipe flanges for easy installation and maintenance.