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Butterfly Valves - High Performance

Learn About High Performance Butterfly Valves

High Performance Butterfly Valves

High performance butterfly valves use a double offset design to reduce seal wear and improve performance. Combined with corrosion-resistant materials like 316 stainless and RPTFE seals, high performance butterfly valves can withstand significantly higher pressure and temperatures than concentric, resilient-seated valves. For a detailed discussion on high performance butterfly valves, click here. The wafer butterfly valve easily mounts between two ANSI/ASME 150 lb. pipe flanges with through bolts and nuts.

Electric Actuated High Performance Butterfly Valves

Valworx electric actuators rotate an output drive to open and close butterfly valves. Electric actuators provide a reliable and economical method of operating these valves from a remote location. For modulating valve applications, an electric actuator with EPS positioning can control the valve flow with a 4-20mA command signal.

Air Actuated High Performance Butterfly Valves

Scotch Yoke quarter turn air actuators provide a simple and reliable method of automating butterfly valves. Pneumatic actuators are available in spring return or double acting. Spring return actuators use air pressure to open and springs to close the valve (failsafe). A double acting air actuator uses air to open and air to close. Scotch Yoke actuators offer comparable performance to Rack & Pinion actuators with greater torque at lower cost. Scotch Yoke actuators should not be used for positioning applications.

Unsure of which butterfly valve is right for your application? Click here for a detailed discussion on the different types of butterfly valves.