Brass Ball Valves

Learn about Brass Ball Valves

Electric Actuated Brass Ball Valves
Motorized brass ball valves use an electric motor drive, mounted inside a weatherproof enclosure, to turn flow on or off. The brass ball valve direct mounts to the actuator with an international standard ISO 5211 mount eliminating valve mounting brackets which reduces the physical size and cost. Options are available for positioning the valve for variable flow control applications.

Air Actuated Brass Ball Valves
Rack and pinion quarter turn air actuators provide a simple and reliable method of automating brass ball valves. Actuators are available in spring return or double acting. Spring return actuators use air pressure to open and springs to close the valve (failsafe). Double acting air actuators use air to open and air to close.

Lead Free Brass Ball Valves
Brass ball valves provide an economical and reliable method of controlling on-off flow in a pipe line. Rotating the ball 90° opens or closes the flow passage. The ball valve can be manually operated with the latch lock lever or direct mounted to an electric actuator or air actuator. Ideal where lead free and NSF construction are required for potable drinking water as well as other industrial applications.