Multi-Voltage Actuators

Multi-Voltage Actuators


Valworx 5610E series feature-packed electric actuator takes valve automation to the next level. This upgraded model includes a longer life brushless DC motor. Standard features include multi-voltage (5610 series only) with auto-sensing, ISO5211 mounting, DIN plug wiring and manual override. In addition, two auxiliary limit switches provide valve position confirmation and an anti-condensation heater are standard.

Our 5615 series is identical to 5610 series but in 12V only.

Backwardly compatible with our "C" series model.

Factory-installed Digital Positioning (DPS) option converts On/Off to modulating operation using a 4- 20mA or 0- 10VDC input signal.

Battery Safe Return (BSR) option powers the valve closed (Normally Closed) in the event of a loss of external power. Can also be set to Normally Open.

Stock # Title Series Torque
(inch lbs)
Description Price Each Usually Ships
5610 Series Multi-voltage
561020E Electric Actuator 177 in.lbs (20Nm), 24-240V 5610 177Electric Actuator 24-240V AC/DC
Same Day
561055E Electric Actuator 486 in.lbs (55Nm), 24-240V 5610 486Electric Actuator 24-240V AC/DC
Same Day
561085E Electric Actuator 752 in.lbs (85Nm), 24-240V 5610 752Electric Actuator 24-240V AC/DC
Same Day
5615 Series 12V
561520 Electric Actuator 177 in.lbs (20Nm), 12V AC/DC 5615 177Electric Actuator 12V AC/DC
Same Day
561555 Electric Actuator 486 in.lbs (55Nm), 12V AC/DC 5615 486Electric Actuator 12V AC/DC
Same Day
561585 Electric Actuator 752 in.lbs (85Nm), 12V AC/DC 5615 752Electric Actuator 12V AC/DC
Same Day