Control Valves

Control valves are automated valves used to regulate media flow in process industries. An actuator throttles the valve to the desired position via an input signal, and the actuator typically provides a confirmation signal, forming a feedback loop. Globe and ball valves are common valve configurations for these applications. Globe valves offer finer control as the flow curve (flow rate vs valve position) is more linear than ball valves. However, because the fluid path for a globe valve involves two 90° turns (vs straight through for a ball valve), the pressure losses are significantly higher for globe valves.

Control Valves - V-Port

V-Port ball valves, improve control by providing better linearity and therefore more precise flow control. However, total flow rate is significantly less than full port valves. Valworx V-port 3-piece control valves are available in 30°, 60°, and 90° V-port angles.

Control Valves - Full Port

For applications requiring less precise control, full port valves offer higher flow rates with lower pressure losses. Valworx control valves are available in stainless steel, brass, and PVC in several types of configurations.

Stainless 2-Way Control Valves
Stainless 3-Piece Control Valves
Stainless Flanged Control Valves
Stainless 3-Way Control Valves
Sanitary 2-Way Control Valves
Sanitary 3-Way Control Valves
Brass 2-Piece Control Valves
Brass 3-Way Control Valves
PVC 2-Way Control Valves
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