PVC 3-Way Ball Valves

Learn About PVC 3-Way Ball Valves

Electric Actuated 3-way PVC Ball Valves

Motor driven valve actuators rotate a quarter-turn to operate our 3-Way PVC ball valves. These actuators are available in voltage ranges from 12 to 240 volts. Standard features include a manual override, LED power on/diagnostic light and DIN plug connectors for easy wiring.

Air Actuated 3-way PVC Ball Valves

Pneumatic actuators use compressed air to create rotary motion to operate our PVC 3-Way ball valves. A simple quarter turn of the valve will control the flow configuration of the 3-way valve. Rack & Pinion air actuators are available as either double acting or spring return. Double acting actuators require air to open and air to close. Spring return actuators use air to open and springs to close the valve.

Manual 3-way PVC Ball Valves

PVC 3-Way ball valves are available with an L-port or T-port flow pathway through the ball. One quarter turn of the ball changes the valve position. These multi port 3-Way valves can be used for mixing, bypassing or as a diverter valve.