PVC Butterfly Valves

Learn About PVC Butterfly Valves

Electric Actuated PVC Butterfly Valves

An electric actuator is used to open and close the PVC butterfly valve. These valve actuators are available in voltage ranges from 24 volts up to 240 volts. Standard features include a manual override, LED power on/diagnostic light and DIN plug connectors for easy wiring.

Air Actuated PVC Butterfly Valves

Pneumatic actuated PVC butterfly valves use spring return or double acting air actuators to open and close the PVC valve. Valworx Rack & Pinion and Scotch Yoke air actuators are tough, light weight, compact in size and offer high cycle life. Actuated valve options include valve limit switches, direct mount solenoid valves, and valve positioners.

Manual PVC Butterfly Valves

PVC butterfly valves provide an economical and reliable method of controlling On/Off flow in a pipe line. Rotating the disc 90° opens or closes the flow passage. The PVC butterfly valve is lightweight and highly corrosion and chemical resistant. The PVC butterfly valve is sold bare stem, with a 10-position handle (up to 8") or gear operator (3-12") as options.