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Stainless Ball Valves 3-Piece

Learn About Stainless 3-Piece Ball Valves

Electric Actuated 3-PC Stainless Ball Valve

An electric actuator with a motor driven output is used to operate the 3-piece stainless steel ball valve. The actuator rotates the ball one quarter turn which opens or closes the valve. These actuated valves provide an economical means of controlling the flow of water, air, oil and other compatible media.

Air Actuated 3-Piece Stainless Steel Ball Valves Scotch Yoke or Rack & Pinion quarter turn air actuators provide a simple and reliable method of automating 3-piece stainless ball valves. Air pressure is used to operate the actuator which opens and closes a valve. Double acting or failsafe spring return actuators are supplied as standard with a visual valve position indicator.

Stainless 3-Piece Ball Valve

Stainless steel 3-piece ball valves are designed for use with water, air, oil, and other media compatible with the materials of construction. Unique three piece investment cast bolted body design offers the advantage of a swing out body, for easy inline maintenance. Rotating the ball 90° with the locking hand lever opens and closes the flow passage.